So how do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Are you still tired or do you jump right out of bed and are ready to roll?

Did you know that all the good that you do for your body during the day gets processed at night while you are sleeping? Crazy, right? Well it is true. So just think…you are drinking plenty of water, have your nutrition dialed in and your workouts are perfect for you but you just don’t seem to be making progress. Sound like you?

Might be time to check out your sleeping patterns. Your body replenishes, rebuilds and repairs while you are in that really good sleep. Just one more thing you might want to look into. Now just think about NOT having the right amount of water, or that good nutrition or the right workouts….Wow..sounds gloomy. Well, you do have control of that. Just one more thing for me to throw at you to think about. 🙂