How do you feel when you think about getting your nutrition in check? Do you love the idea of it or does it send you into an anxiety attack? If you learn to change your thinking about eating it might not be something to worry about.

When I work with people and I bring up their food most of the time I hear that they have it under control. What that usually translates into is “I am definitely keeping my calories to a minimum” Well, I am here to tell ya that we may have just figured out the problem. So many people are under eating. When you do that to your body it goes into starvation mode and then stores the food that you do give it. Learning to feed your body based on your lifestyle is a pretty liberating thing. You don’t look at food the same any more. Yes, you can enjoy your meals but you don’t have to obsess over them.

Food is definitely a topic that you will want to talk to someone about to make sure you are making the best choices for your body and you are feeding it correctly. 🙂