Do you ever find yourself doing your workout, or drinking your water, or even eating the right food……..but you don’t do it enough? It can be really hard to stay on track with all the things that go on in our lives. BUT…if we want any of it to work we must be consistent. It’s kinda like taking an antibiotic now and then. It really won’t do any good. It is usually prescribed to be taken X number of times a day for X number of days. THAT is the only way it can serve its purpose. Same goes for pretty much everything in our lives.

So how can you become more consistent with the things in your life? It doesn’t just happen. You have to make an effort. Maybe you need to set alarms on your phone or add reminders on your calendar. Whatever works for you as long as you can find a way to stick with it until it becomes second nature.

Anyone care to share what has worked for them? We would love to hear it.