What is your least favorite thing to work in the gym? Mine used to be my back. Let’s face it….you never really have to look at it. Yep, typical guy here…only wanting to work the “mirror” muscles. Well, working your back is extremely important. Balance is the key here. Your back is what will hold you up and make your posture correct (sorry guys only working your pecs can cause you to slouch). Moves like deadlifts are amazing for your lower back.

I have had people come to me in the gym that play high school football and they ask me to help them build their chests.. When I explain to them that the skill that they develop by working their chest is usually not something that you want to do during football. Yeah…laying on the ground pushing someone off of you. Tackled… I get them to work their back so they will be able to defend themselves on the line and not be knocked over.


Take your back seriously. Treat it right and give it the attention that it deserves. Your entire body will thank you.