When I teach my Aqua Fit classes at some point during the hour I ask everyone to tell me something that they are thankful for or that makes them happy that day. (I usually let them know I am gonna ask and since they are in the pool I can get to the door before them so they can’t run out). Once the question is asked I look around the pool only to see blank stares as if in deep thought. It always amazes me why it is so hard to answer that question. I will prompt them and ask if anyone is thankful that they woke up that morning? Yes, laughter….but then they get it. Now; if I asked them what bad things are going on in their lives right now I probably couldn’t get them to stop talking. Why????? We need to realize that our nature (for the most part) is to look at the negative. We have to make ourselves start focusing on the positive. You realize negative in negative out….Your body will respond to that. So this season make it a point to focus on the positive. Trust me there is plenty of negative around each of us so it might take some work. BUT your body will love you for it.