Ever think that? What do I really want in life? When it comes to your fitness level do you ask the same question? I think that most people never even put their fitness at the top of their list. Everything else in life comes first. Am I right? I think yes. We want our families to be happy, our jobs to go well, and our friends to like us. What about us???? Why can’t we take a little time to think about us? Seriously. You do realize that if we spend a little time taking care of us that all of those other things will get better, right? I think that it is crazy that we need to be told that it is ok to be thinking about US. Yes, you come first. If you don’t take care of yourself what kind of shape will you be in to make sure your family, your job, and your friends are doing well? I just want to make sure that you are thinking outside the Politically correct box now and then.. Please…if this gets you thinking let me know…..