This is the time of year where we are all thinking about others. Well, many of us are anyway. BUT….are you thinking of yourself? Do you ever feel guilty when you do something for yourself? I am hear to tell you that if you don’t do things for yourself, nobody will! Think about it. Who can actually eat right for you or workout for you? Duh….only you can do that. So if you do those things for yourself and you become healthier and a better person everyone around you will win! So please don’t feel bad by taking a little time for just you.

Get started on that right now. Find that Facebook workout group to help you. (Yes, I just happen to have one of those…hit me up if you want info on that) Get yourself to a gym, or buy a workout program (yes, I just happen to know where to get those too)


Ok, sorry for the shameless plugs but this is one way that I am doing something for myself too. 🙂


I would love to hear what stops you from taking time and caring for YOU….