January 11! Yep, we are 11 days into the new year. How is that resolution going for you? Already making excuses why you can’t keep it? Was it really too much for you? Did you shoot for the moon? Or are you just falling into that emotional part of it? You know…the part that when you were setting that goal/resolution you felt like you could do anything and 2016 was gonna be the year for you! Welcome to reality.

Here is what you should do now. If your resolution was fitness based…get yourself out there and find a trainer. Yes find a trainer. You need to get that accountability and why not someone that actually knows how to get you to your goal.

The year is young and you have plenty of time to get back at it. Not sure where to turn? (Brace yourself…shameless plug coming) Contact me! I am a Personal Trainer, Beachbody Coach, Motivational Speaker and just all around great guy…lol Seriously. I can help point you in the right direction.


I want to help as many people as possible stick to their goals this year! You really don’t have to do this alone. Pretty much all of the successful people in this world have someone to be accountable to. Why would we be any different..


You really can make 2016 your year, but you need to get going! ON YOUR MARK….GET SET…..GO!!!!!!