Happy New Year everyone. Time for a reality check. I keep seeing posts all over the place about weight loss. People canceling gym memberships because they found a pill ( or insert whatever magic quick fix item here) that is helping them lose weight. Losing weight is a great thing if you actually need to lose weight. But you need to understand that the number on the scale does not equate to good health. Too many people are battling the wrong number. Society has but such an importance on the scale that we forget what we should be looking for. Having blood work done, tracking body fat percentage, how your clothes fit, and lastly…..weight. I guarantee that you will get frustrated and quit the journey if you only focus on weight. 
The job of a trainer is to help you track ALL of these things. We work with you to overcome the stigma of just weight. It takes a long time to really figure this out. Please don’t do this alone. Make 2017 the year you really make the change and let us help you. It won’t be easy. You will get frustrated. You may cry. But in the end we can celebrate your progress together. 
We will hold you accountable and encourage you along the way. But you can also expect us to give you that nudge and reality check when you aren’t doing your part. 
Please don’t become one of the statistics that start this journey and then stop before Valentines Day. This time next year you will be able to look back and be thankful that you started with us. 
At Moore Personal Training we are keeping our client list lower so we can really focus on your goals. 
NOW is your time. 
We can’t wait to get started with you.