We live in a time of immediate results. We want everything right now!!! We no longer have patience. It is a time of eliminating the work to get results. Just take this pill, use this diet program, get this surgery…..BUT…..none of those options is the final answer. Sure, it may be necessary for some. But at some point you have to return to the time of working for what you want. It takes lifestyle changes to get the end result and keep it. It can be baby steps at first and make sure you stick with it. So many people are jumping from one thing to the next and there is no way to get results like that. Give yourself time to actually adapt to what you are trying and then reevaluate. I see so many people jumping around from program to program AND trying new diet plans expecting some magic combination to work. How would you possibly know if it is working if you change it before anything can happen. It is like planting a garden today and then not seeing the crop tomorrow so you dig it up and planting all over again. Sounds crazy when you put it like that????


So here is my advice. Pick just a couple things to address. Once you make a change, give it at least 3 months before you start to do anything else. After that you can make another small change if needed.


I can’t promise this but from my experience, the slower the change the greater the change of it being long term. The faster the change the greater the chance of a rebound.


Remember…slow and steady…..It really is a true statement.. So……SLOW DOWN!!!