imageBranching off from a previous blog I did….when we talk about water and hydrating we don’t always understand how to do it. This is gonna be really short and to the point. I want to give you an example so you will understand what it requires to stay hydrated. First a question. How many of you gulp down a glass of water a few times a day? I am guessing that we do that more than we think. Example time…everyone take in a really big breath. As much as you can get in your lungs. Now hold it. Repeat this three times a day. But remember that is the only time that you can bring in oxygen. Sounds crazy right? Well it is similar to drinking water. We need to be putting in little amount all day long. Your body will flush out a good amount of it if you drink it all at one time. So here is a good rule to follow. Every 10 minute take a big sip of water. If you do that through the day you should stay hydrated :). Hope that helps you out a bit. Comments?