Ok here is my nutrition this bit.

Food is fuel for the body. Nothing

else. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our food. Fad diets are a quick fix but not a permanent fix.

Our bodies are in a constant state of change. We have to adjust what we eat based on what we want our individual bodies to do. But first we need to know what foods make our bodies do different things. And each of us are different.

So the goal is to find out what YOUR body needs to achieve the goal. It takes time to figure it out and even then it must be tweaked as you go.

I never recommend any of the named plans out there for my clients because most of them are. It sustainable or they are just downright wrong.

We usually go down an exploration path to figure it out.

One last tidbit trivia. Did you know that a TRUE Leto diet (not the ones that people are doing now.. those are just low carb) was a treatment for epilepsy back in 1923 ? They found that people that were in a starvation mode had less seizures. It was never a weight loss program and had to be carefully monitored by doctors.

And there you have it. :$