First off let’s get it straight where this diet came from. It was a treatment used in 1923 for people with epilepsy. Studies found that people using forms of starvation seemed to have less seizures. (You can google that). It was never meant to be a weight loss plan.

We tend to grab a name and market it like crazy these days. If people really understood what it means to be doing keto they would realize they are in fact just doing a lower carb diet. A true keto plan has to be monitored by a doctor because it can actually kill you.

So lets talk about the carb thing. You hear all the time that too many carbs can make you fat. Well I am sorry to tell you that too many anything’s can make you fat.

Every body has similar needs but not all bodies process foods exactly the same. You have to find out what your body is telling you. We are not cookie cutter people. It doesn’t matter what the books say. I recently had a doctor tell me that our bodies don’t read those books anyway. So true!!

Most people don’t know just how important carbs are in supporting bodily functions ( you can google that too and do the research)

You just need to know how much YOUR body wants. Did you know that it is based on activity level as well? So you can’t eat the same amount every day?

I have yet to meet a Dietician/Nutritionist that would recommend keto. Usually if I bring it up to them I get the eye roll response.

Anyway. All that to say do your research and if you find that your body likes a slightly lower carb intake then please call it that and not keto.

Stepping down now.