Grab Some Grub!

How do you feel when you think about getting your nutrition in check? Do you love the idea of it or does it send you into an anxiety attack? If you learn to change your thinking about eating it might not be something to worry about.

When I work with people and I bring up their food most of the time I hear that they have it under control. What that usually translates into is “I am definitely keeping my calories to a minimum” Well, I am here to tell ya that we may have just figured out the problem. So many people are under eating. When you do that to your body it goes into starvation mode and then stores the food that you do give it. Learning to feed your body based on your lifestyle is a pretty liberating thing. You don’t look at food the same any more. Yes, you can enjoy your meals but you don’t have to obsess over them.

Food is definitely a topic that you will want to talk to someone about to make sure you are making the best choices for your body and you are feeding it correctly. 🙂


Zzzzzzzz….Zzzzzzzzz…..but I’m still tired…..

So how do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Are you still tired or do you jump right out of bed and are ready to roll?

Did you know that all the good that you do for your body during the day gets processed at night while you are sleeping? Crazy, right? Well it is true. So just think…you are drinking plenty of water, have your nutrition dialed in and your workouts are perfect for you but you just don’t seem to be making progress. Sound like you?

Might be time to check out your sleeping patterns. Your body replenishes, rebuilds and repairs while you are in that really good sleep. Just one more thing you might want to look into. Now just think about NOT having the right amount of water, or that good nutrition or the right workouts….Wow..sounds gloomy. Well, you do have control of that. Just one more thing for me to throw at you to think about. 🙂



I want to get everyone thinking. Why do you think we go through such a vicious cycle? In my opinion it is because we tend to want to “go it alone”. Not always the best idea. Kinda like our New Year’s Resolution. We make them and usually don’t tell anyone or ask for accountability. They key (for most of us anyway) is to let people know what you are trying to do. I recommend talking to someone about what you want so you can set realistic goals. As crazy as it sounds you may not even know what you want to accomplish. I have found that many times when working with people. Talk it through and then you can really figure it out and get a game plan. Find an accountability partner that you can report to.

I have heard so many times from people…”That first day (or that first day back) is the worst!” So I always tell them to stop having them. 🙂 Sounds profound, right? Well, get started and don’t stop. Even if you are almost at your goal, you should be revisiting it to see how you might tweak it or create the next one. It should be seamless moving from one goal to the next.

Not sure how this all works? Just ask. THAT will be your start. 🙂

Welcome to Moore Personal Training….Where transformations happen

A little bit about what is going on here….I am a firm believer that in order to reach your fitness goals you need to dig pretty darn deep into that head of yours first. Yep you read that correctly. Most of the time we say that we want to get healthy or lose weight or something along those lines. But in reality we don’t know what we are trying to accomplish…and better yet…..why…..

I will be posting info and asking questions to help you dig deep into your mind and then we can start figuring out what you really want to accomplish. Once we do that we can figure out the best path for you.

Sit back, grab a nice drink (healthy of course) and let’s see where this blog takes you….